To be different is Quartet’s secret weapon

In today’s upheaval because of the tragic death of so many people all over the world because of the coronavirus , and their fear of catching the disease, most people are confined to their homes where their lack of movements and boredom play havoc with their normal lives. Their only relief is to read books which recall happy times as well as tragic historical events that demanded a great deal of stamina and spiritual hopes making them survive the vicissitudes of time.

At Quartet, we know how important a book can be in these extraordinary times. For that reason, we’re publishing throughout the crisis. Whereas other publishers have halted all publications, we’re carrying on. But we’ve always been different to other publishers! That has always been our strength.

Two weeks ago, we published Pomeranski by Gerald Jacobs which you can buy here:

This week, we published a revised paperback edition of The Making of an Immigration Judge by James Hanratty:

And my new book Memories will be published in June. You can buy an advanced copy here:

And we have much more coming very soon…

If you’re looking for escapism from these strange and scary times, look no further! You will be most welcome.

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