The Old Ladies Of Nazareth

Another good review for the Portuguese edition of The Old Ladies Of Nazareth

This time by the critic

Ralph Peter

Naim Attallah – Matrix – A wonderful, engaging and dignified account of a miniseries. In a small book, the author tells us the true story of two courageous and brave ladies residing in Nazareth, in the heart of a mythical Palestine, still with medieval airs. The hardships that these ladies faced, both in the inhospitable city, as well as their family members, made them resilient, bravely strong. Imagine two elderly women, who survived by selling or exchanging flowers from their garden and eggs from their chicken coop, with monks and other residents. The author “smartly” reserved surprising information for the end. Historical, poetic, touching, deserving of applause. It should be read to children. Young people will receive great examples and adults will admire them.


Livros em Revista 18 a 20/04/2020

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