I wish someone would have the courage to tell me why most of the newspapers, with the exception of the Observer, Guardian and Daily Mirror, seem determined to back Boris Johnson. His treatment of those senior members of his party who challenged his views, the increasing deluge of sexual misdemeanors which are beginning to surface would, in normal circumstances, have made his continuing as Prime Minister a shameful and destructive act of lunacy.

But these are no longer normal circumstances. We face perhaps the gravest crisis to our country by crashing out of Europe since Dunkirk. Are we by any chance no longer in the frame of mind to differentiate between political chicanery and those good traditional values which made Britain a leading figure in world affairs? No longer are we the envy of most nations whose standards we would criticize in the past for undemocratic principles and lack of human dignity. Indeed, we seem to have become a laughing stock. Read the foreign press if you don’t believe me.

We seem no longer interested in appreciating the concept of truth in favour of a personal power craze which knows no boundaries. The government is made up mostly of second-rate politicians whose sole motive is to keep the Prime Minister in power, come what may. I fear for the future and pray that somehow despite all the odds against us, we eventually wake up and miraculously return to our roots of rectitude. We must banish the hysteria of Brexit for the benefit of the whole of Great Britain.

We must unite the nation to survive the vicissitudes of time, as the prospect of internal strive loom high. That can never happen while Johnson and his cronies remain in charge.

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