David Cameron wakes up at long last after his great silence, admitting his failure to defeat those who told so many lies in order to use Brexit for their own personal glory. He skewers Boris Johnson and Michael Gove as the two main culprits. Johnson, Cameron believes, only backed Brexit as a cynical calculation to achieve more in the palaver to advance his political career by securing the support of the right wing in the Tory party.

In his new autobiography, Cameron cites a number of times when Johnson and Gove behaved appallingly during the Referendum campaign, blatantly exploiting the fictive issue of whether or not we had a veto over the Turkish accession to the EU and spreading nonsense about the issue of the 350 million pounds on the bus. ‘I think’ says Cameron, ‘they left the truth at home.’

However, he still insists he was right to hold the Brexit Referendum, while claiming he is truly sorry at the upset and division it has brought, admitting simply that he had failed. I will certainly buy a copy of his book as I’m certain many Brexit campaigners, led by Johnson and Gove, spread disgusting lies – many with racist overtones – about the disadvantages of remaining as members of the EU and exaggerated the benefits that Britain would reap on leaving. It was certainly a dirty campaign they embarked upon, without any regard whatsoever for the chaos they created.

Whatever the ultimate outcome at the end of it all will reveal, I think it has already tarnished the good name of Britain and our claim to believe in democracy as we used to know it. We seem no longer interested in fair play or truth, or of our standing in the world. Time will tell, of course, and history will catch up eventually with the culprits. It always does.

Michael Grove is perhaps the most dangerous twister of the facts, given his devilish alliance with Boris Johnson, whose fate, despite his popularity, is still precarious to say the least. It was Ambrose Bierce who predicted: ‘The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff.’ Watch this space…

One response to “THOUGHT FOR THE DAY

  1. George S Zakhem

    although I am a Brexiter I fully agree with your article of this morning that the politicians of today have tarnished the good name of Britain