One aspect of this Brexit business seems to me already quite obvious yet rarely mentioned; it is almost shameful for me when I meet so many British citizens clamouring to get an EU passport. It’s not only the expat community in France, a country I know well and visit often, but I’m increasingly struck as I meet with professional acquaintances – doctors, solicitors, accountants – just how many are applying for Irish, German, even Slovakian passports. Many of them are doing so in order not to be uprooted by returning to the UK as a result of Brexit.

Unlike our unworthy politicians who claim that leaving the EU will create new wealth and prosperity by our independence from Europe, I fear the absolute opposite. The disintegration of the United Kingdom will start with Scotland – the first to leave the union, followed by Wales, and goodness knows what will happen in Northern Ireland. This fragmentation will continue until England becomes a vassal state; no longer a world power to reckon with, but at the mercy of Donald Trump. And let’s not forget his days of glory will come to a sudden end one day.

The present government is promising a great deal of money to people already, to compensate them or perhaps simply a cynical bribe to maintain an administration already noted for its mediocrity. This continuing process will lead this country, if it were to continue with its policy, into a financial disaster. It will render us semi-crippled in a world where money has come to play a more intrinsic role than ever before.

Make no mistake, our country is being led by a gaggle of opportunists who while claiming the EU is ripping us off, are enjoying EU subsidies, making a fortune off-shore with currency speculation and creating an ever larger gap between the haves and the have-nots. No wonder one of Johnson’s latest policy announcements  has been to increase the prison population and recruit thousands more police. As the great Al Johnson once said: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet!’

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