The Conservative party is now on the verge of destroying itself under its new Prime Minister, whose policies and behaviour gets worse by the hour. Boris Johnson has clearly lost any capacity to realize the consequences of his behavior. The more threats he utters to whosoever disagrees with him, the more likely he seems to think he will be admired by achieving his goal of subduing the European Union. The more his cohorts in his ridiculous cabinet do his bidding, however, the more absurd he becomes by dragging the country towards a calamity the like of which we probably have never seen before.

What is utterly incomprehensible is why every right-wing newspaper in Britain blandly support his actions to the hilt, encouraging him to play tough not only within his own party but with the world at large. His strutting as the new messiah, with his bombastic policies and dishonest statements, will come to haunt him, destroying any vestige of credibility that Great Britain gained over decades of wise political know-how.

Reading an article in last Saturday’s The Times, which covered an interview with Sir Nicholas Soames, Tory grandee, grandson of the great wartime leader and one of the leading rebels against Boris Johnson’s policies, insisted that Johnson was ‘nothing like Winston Churchill’ and Rees Mogg was ‘a complete fraud’, statements in my view right on the mark.

I felt relieved somehow that I was not the only one to detest Jacob Rees-Mogg whom I find unbearable, despite my high regard for his father, so unlike his son, who is terribly unsympathetic, to say the least.

In the Sunday Times, another casualty to leave the Tory party was Amber Rudd who, like Boris Johnson’s younger brother quit the cabinet as he also could not tolerate the policies of his brother any further. Rudd felt the same, no longer finding the Prime Minister fit for purpose, vindictive and shortsighted in culling 21 senior Tories last week – including Ken Clarke, Philip Hammond and Churchill’s grandson – as an assault on decency and democracy.

To make matters worse for the Prime Minister, Michael Heseltine in an article in the Sunday Times described ‘threats, ill manners and boorish behaviour as becoming the hallmark of Johnson’s government.’

How right he is. Looking at the mediocrity of the characters that constitute the majority of Johnson’s present cabinet, one is unable to believe this is the Britain of today, bereft of any noticeable political talent which we could be proud of.

Having said all that, I still have hopes that common sense will prevail even at this late stage and the political riff-raff who have dragged us below any acceptable level of decency, and the public, will eventually wake up to the disaster waiting to engulf the nation.

A fate Great Britain does not deserve, as the hub of our democracy is in great danger.borisclown.jpg

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  1.  Boris Johnson it’s time to step down !