Being pompous is not the answer

In my blog of yesterday about our new Prime Minister in general and his sudden trip to Northern Ireland, I was intrigued like many others to find out what his meeting with the DUP in fact produced. The Daily Mail now reported that Boris Johnson’s DUP partners hinted they would demand more cash at the price of continuing to prop up his government at Westminster.

Speaking after a private dinner with the Prime Minister in Belfast, DUP leader Ariene Foster said that her ten MPs were willing to continue with the ‘confidence and supply deal’ struck with Theresa May in the aftermath of the 2017 election.

But she said the deal, which resulted in an extra £1billion for services in Northern Ireland, would have to be ‘reviewed’. She suggested this may involve more cash, saying ‘we will be focusing on what the needs of the people are.’

Mr Johnson yesterday faced charges of bias as he made his first visit to Northern Ireland as PM.

Sinn Fein President Mary Lou MacDonald said his closeness to the DUP made claims of impartiality ‘laughable’.

The Republican leader who had talks with Mr Johnson as well, also warned that a no deal Brexit would be ‘catastrophic’ for the economy and the peace process and it would lead to demands for an Irish Unification referendum.

We are told that the focus of Mr Johnson’s visit was to persuade political leaders to restore the region’s devolved assembly, which has been suspended since January 2017.

Officials have warned that otherwise Mr Johnson may have to impose direct rule in the event of no deal.

Here we go again. It took years to bring peace to Northern Ireland and here comes our hero Boris meddling in his usual manner to stir the pot for a conflict which will cause mayhem and bloodshed, which Britain can ill afford. Cool it  Boris, you will only succeed with diplomacy and not through idle threats.


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