I have always maintained that leaving the EU without a deal would be catastrophic to Britain and cause so many problems that those who believe Brexit at any cost will be beneficial to the future of our country.

Thousands of people will lose their jobs, Trade Secretary Greg Clark warned last Friday. The cabinet minister implored colleagues not to ‘visit harm’ on families by pursuing a policy that would lead to Britain crashing out of the European Union and then facing new trade tariffs and barriers. Tory leadership front runner Boris Johnson and his rival, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt have both said they are prepared to leave the EU with no deal if an agreement cannot be reached with Brussels by October 2019.

About 30 Tory MPs, including the Chancellor Philip Hammond, have signalled they are ready to fight in parliament against such a departure from the European block. Tory MPs opposed to a no-deal are reportedly threatening a ‘sit-in’ if there is an attempt to prorogue Parliament to force through such a catastrophic exit.

I happened to watch the grilling by the BBC’s Andrew Neil of the two contestants for the Tory Party leadership last week, who gave them a hard time, to which neither of them fared well. Johnson’s performance was far from satisfactory as he bubbled along in a disorderly manner, whereas Hunt was more restrained, but equally unconvincing.

I simply cannot visualise the success of these two, aspiring to lead the nation, if they fail to agree some sort of constructive way out of the present dangerous impasse. Let us pray that common sense will prevail, even at this late hour.

We cannot afford any further disruption in the political arena where division has become such a major factor. Those crazy brexitteers must put the nation first and discard their own political ambitions at the expense of the nation as a whole.

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