We are now told that sleeping less, later in life, could be an early warning sign for Alzheimer’s, experts reveal. Yet earlier on this year we were warned that excess of sleep has the same effect on the brain and could also trigger heart attacks. The latest findings conclude that British citizens in their 50s, 60s and 70s may be at greater risk of dementia if they are getting less shuteye than they did in the previous decade.

In a study, they were found to have higher levels of a protein that clumps in the brain and is thought to cause the disease. However, much lower levels were found in those who managed more or the same amount of sleep as they got older. It is well known that a lack of sleep may lead to dementia, but the new findings suggest this process starts in middle age.

The results come from brain scans of 101 participants by researchers at University of California, Berkeley. They said prioritising a good night’s sleep, every night, was vital, along with maintaining regular sleep times, cutting out caffeine and alcohol near bedtime and minimising distractions.

Tau, a harmful protein linked to dementia was also found in higher levels in those who got less sleep in their sixties. The study published by the journal JNeurosci suggests that sleep monitoring could detect the early signs of dementia before any symptoms start.

I’m truly baffled and confused by studies that reflect the opposite from previous ones, to the extent that worrying about dementia will probably trigger it off.

To conclude, all I can say: The Lord be praised and leave the rest to destiny. You will no doubt be rejuvenated.

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