We seem to be going through a period where politically we are in shambles and the weather is following suit, in the middle of June. In addition, even sex infection cases are at a 40-year high, as over-65 singles find new lovers bursting on the scene without perhaps taking the required precautions.

Figures show sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea are rising as casual sex is having an unprecedented free time. Doctors have blamed the surge on dating apps such as Tinder, Older Britain’s Finding New Sexual Partners After Divorce, or Bereavement; and TV shows such as Love Island, normalising irresponsible casual sex.

More than 56,000 people were diagnosed with gonorrhoea last year – up by more than a quarter since 2017. Pensioners experienced the highest proportional increase, with cases surging by 42% last year to 336. Cases of the sexually infected infections (STI) have been rising in both men and women for years – but have now reached their highest level since 1978.

Experts said online dating means that older people are finding new sexual partners after becoming widowed or divorced – but warned that many do not use condoms due to low pregnancy risk. Dr Mark Lawton, from the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, said: ‘Previously as older people are widowed or divorced, that would spell the end of their sex lives. But now, quite rightly, they want to get back there and have sex again. The problem is they’ve not used condoms for 35 years in their marriage so they don’t start using them now.’ He added: ‘Many of these people would make sure their grandchildren have condoms, but don’t use them themselves.’

The data from Public Health England revealed an overall 5% annual increase in STIs to 447,694 cases. Almost half of these diagnoses were for Chlamydia with 15-24 year olds the most commonly affected. However, rates of the STIs also increased by more than a quarter among the over-65s. Dr Lawton said: ‘Attitudes to sex are changing thanks to shows like Love Island which makes people feel that having causal sex with lots of different people is normal and they should be doing it.’ He added that dating apps had made casual sex easier: ‘You can just swipe right – you don’t have to take them out to dinner anymore.’

The data also revealed there were 7,541 cases of syphilis which has often been regarded as a Victorian disease. The figures show that rates have more than doubled in a decade. Dr Gwenda Hughes, from Public Health England, said: ‘STIs can pose serious consequences for health – both your own and that of current and future sexual partners. No matter what age you are or what type of relationship you are in, it’s important to look after your sexual health.’

I believe the internet is to blame. Both young and old seem to be transfixed to what they see or hear. The sooner they realise that they have been conned, the better.

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