When the BBC announced that elderly people will be subject to paying a TV licence of 154 sterling pounds beginning from next year, I could not believe the hypocrisy of an institution that spends millions of pounds for its own glory and for the glory of some of its famous employees; whilst willing to penalise people beyond the age of 75, irrespective of their ability to survive the current financial instability that the nation is now facing. I for one, in line with thousands of other people, would rather face jail than succumb to this blackmail and even perhaps throw our television out of the window and live miserably thereafter.

I saw the hypocrisy of the BBC management trying to justify this horrible move on television and thought what a load of brigands they looked, and the cheek of their decision to deliberately penalise the older generation simply for living too long and thus becoming a burden on their institution.

Two days later, 230,000 people were disgusted enough to sign, in one day, a petition, accusing the BBC of double dealing and trying to send the elderly to prison for failing to pay the licence, irrespective of their age beyond 75. The headlines in most newspapers condemned the BBC and accused the corporation of an appalling betrayal, suggesting they should cut their own salaries to start with, and stop squandering money as if they were responsible for printing it.

This latest scandal is that cash from over-75’s forced to buy TV licences will help to top generous BBC staff pensions. Some former corporation bosses are entitled to six-figure hand-outs in retirement as members of a gold-plated payment scheme. The BBC, nevertheless, faces a financial crisis with a black hole in its pension pot, its accountant revealed. It plans to spend two billion pounds to plug the gap by 2028 at a rate of around 200 million pounds a year, some of which will come from licence payments.

Stripping 3.7 million households of the TV licence from June next year will fuel ever more violent backlashes against the BBC to strip. They will live to regret it. All their present supporters will line up against them and I can never see the corporation being able to quell the outcry that will follow.

Shame on you BBC for you have proved unworthy of the task you have been given! The present management lot should now do the honourable thing and resign.

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