Jane Haynes can’t stop getting reviews. The latest, by Rebecca Wallersteiner, is on the medical blogsite, The Hippocratic Post and here it is:

‘ Relational psychotherapist Jane Haynes’s compelling new book, If I Chance to Talk a Little Wild, uses both ;personal and clinical experiences to explore complex issues such as parenting, emotional and sexual, abuse and unresolved conflict and is full of fascinating case histories and anecdotes. The memoir vividly explores Haynes’s early life and complex relationship with her mother who suffered a nervous breakdown. Haynes also writes about her own struggles with IBS and panic attacks and juggling motherhood with a successful career as a psychotherapist. In recent years, watching her grandchildren grow up, particularly her youngest grandchild, Bell, aged seven, has inspired her to “think more about the mysteries and magic of child development”. Her entertaining, unpredictable book is filled with literary references and discussion of the author’s controversial first mentor, the legendary R.D. Laing and his wife. An unconventional and enlightening read, full of quirky detail and literary references, with a chapter on Proust, that makes you think, even if you don’t agree with all of it. I tremendously enjoyed it, although I skipped parts of it.’


What a delight to find an honest reviewer!

But for us poor publishers we need to sell the book for two obvious reasons. Firstly, because it is an honest and revealing book and secondly, it encourages us to continue our support for authors like Jane who are consistent in their fight to defy the Establishment when need be. Hence, your contribution when buying this marvellous book is an added tonic.


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