No Longer With Us – my collection of 50 interviews, garnered over many years, and is starting to receive some highly favourable reviews – and the up-coming celebration of Auberon Waugh, A Scribbler in Soho, which Quartet will publish in January – were both edited with much help from a memoir I wrote in 2007 – Fulfilment & Betrayal 1975-1995.


The final volume of my memoirs, its epic length – nearly 800 pages – tells two main tales: my business career, in particular the story of Asprey, and my obsession in maintaining the cultural concerns of Namara Ltd, my family firm, and its publishing and artistic activities. Books, magazines, movies, theatre and perfume were all created in a razzle-dazzle style which still leaves me breathless whenever I dip into the book to check a date or memory.

Copies are still available and it strikes me with the constant flurry of business memoirs, Fulfilment & Betrayal has maintained its quality and will make an ideal gift for anyone interested in culture, business and the shenanigans of high finance. It’s also, if I may say so, an engrossing read. It’s also chockablock-full of anecdotes, some of  which may enrage these PC times. Buy a copy, find out for yourselves and be merry…

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