Those of you who watched the fascinating documentary on Channel 4, Above Us Only Sky, last weekend, may wish to know that Quartet published Dan Richter’s memoir: The Dream is Over, London in the 60s, Heroin and John & Yoko in 2012. He was one of the main contributors to the film, talking freely about what he saw and what he did during the last years of Lennon’s life. Dan was billed in the TV documentary as John Lennon’s ‘assistant’ but perhaps the description he wrote for his memoir is more comprehensive.


‘I lived with John and Yoko from 1969 to 1973. I was Dan, a friend who came along for the ride, a co-conspirator, attending artist, Chamberlain, confidant, assistant and dope buddy; Yoko’s “American friend”. I was an outsider who witnessed the break-up of the Beatles, John and Yoko in love and John’s transition from being a major rock star to the hagiographic status that he holds today. I was there from the first days at Tittenhurst Park in Ascot where we recorded Imagine to political days in New York and then their retreat into that castle of an apartment house on Central Park West, the Dakota.’

Those who missed the documentary must await its repeat, whenever that will be, as for some unexplained reason, it’s not available on Channel 4 Catch Up. Our book, however, with many original photographs, is still available to order from the Quartet Books website. Another perfect Christmas gift! With money in short supply, at £18 a copy the book’s a real bargain. It might also solve any dilemma about of what to give to friends during the festive season.

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