Women’s orgasms, we are told, are much stronger than that of men’s and normally longer in duration. Also, multiple orgasm is something that some women enjoy, whereas men do not experience such a gift. Researchers have now found that those women who have Botox treatment to smooth out facial wrinkles are less likely to achieve orgasms. Injections of the toxic substance paralyse nerves making it difficult to produce the full range of facial expressions.

Psychologists at Cardiff University have discovered that, as a result, women find it harder to communicate to lovers that they are enjoying sex. This, the researchers say, affects performance between the sheets and blunts the women’s feeling of physical enjoyment. Dr Michael Lewis, who led the research, explained: ‘that just as people find it difficult to be ecstatically happy without actually smiling, so people struggle to reach orgasm without having full control of the muscles in their face.’

He said: ‘Facial expressions associated with orgasm utilised the same muscles targeted in typical botulinum toxin cosmetic treatments. The predicted consequence of having treatment is that women may feel an orgasm to a lesser extent and may find it harder to reach climax. Analysis from our study suggests that’s what is happening.’

The study involved 36 women, 24 of whom had been treated with botulinum toxin, measuring their female sexual function index orgasm satisfaction score. Those whose frown lines had been injected reported a notable drop in their satisfaction score.

Writing in the journal Scientific Reports, Dr Lewis said: ‘Reduction of mobility in these muscles may interfere with the expression and feedback of excitement during sexual activity. The current research which provides support for this hypothesis is that participants reported that following BTX treatment , there was a decrease in sexual function – especially orgasms – which were harder to achieve and less satisfying.’ He added: ‘the results suggest that facial expressions do not occur simply to communicate pleasure. They are an integral part of the feeling of pleasure and are important in the process of achieving orgasm. This demonstrates an important cue for facial feedback within sexual intercourse and it is potentially a significant negative impact from BTX treatment.’

It’s news that could well have women furrowing their brows – if they still can.

So, the choice is clear – Botox or orgasm? I know which I would choose if I were a woman…

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