Last weekend, as usual, I read most of the newspapers and quite frankly the more I read the more disillusioned I felt. Politics has become unbearably a profession that seems to have lost its bearings and with it its respectability.

The Tory administration is no longer worthy of its position to lead the nation and is in a bubbling situation of its own making. The Prime Minister has lost credibility and is vilified by most of the nation, described as a lady bereft of any credentials to lead us, let alone extricate the country from a situation likely to immerse into a disastrous outcome.

No one appears to know where we are going, and the omens seem to get worse with the passage of time. We reach a stage where Brexiteers and Remainers are both groping in the dark. Even the British community of 200,000 living in France are applying for French passports, which is rather shameful but understandable.

We have no friends left in Europe and our reliance on the US is almost laughable. It is time that Theresa May stops this charade and resigns forthwith. The Tories should turn to someone within their ranks who will be able to save us from the catastrophe waiting to happen.

The Labour Party is also in total disarray, but seems to appeal to the young
generation and will certainly come to power if the present Tory administration
does not clean its act and appoint a new leader. There is no time left to waste.
Corbyn is at the door. He must be stopped. His economic policies will ruin the
country for decades to come.

The Ides of March are, so to speak, a real threat. We must take heed before it’s
too late.

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