Is Donald Trump hovering between the prospect of a great success in his foreign policy of terrorising his adversaries, or is he on the verge of overdoing it to the point of his own destruction? The omens, as I see them, are not very promising for his survival if he carries on antagonising every Tom, Dick and Harry without respite, whether in his own country or globally.


His luck will eventually cease to shelter him unless, of course, he turns out to be a demon of a politician who believes in his own invincibility and defies the lessons of history by undermining the weaknesses of his enemies and their ability to respond in kind.

Analysing it in different terms, his league of powerful friends is rapidly diminishing and they are likely to have had enough of his machinations, his constant absurd tweets and his petty verbosity which demeans his standing as president of the most powerful nation on earth. They say it’s never too late to change, but in his case, given his popularity at least in the US, he is unlikely to see the light before the darkness sets in.

I hope for world peace he will begin to realise that diplomacy is far more powerful than the gun or the threat of nuclear weapons, and instead adopt a policy of reconciliation where it is badly needed especially now in the Middle East, a region where his influence with Israel could make peace more tenable.

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