Traffic jams, apart from the air pollution they cause, are also costing commuters more than 55 hours of sleep a year, according to a new report. Workers are having to leave home an average of 13 minutes early every day to allow for traffic jams on Britain’s roads. This means they miss out on an hour and five minutes extra sleep a week or just over 55 hours in bed annually. Despite building this ‘traffic jam allowance’ into their daily routine, 40% of road commuters have been late for work over the past six months due to traffic jams, while 18% have been late for a family event. 4% said they have been late for job interviews, thanks to gridlock on the roads, all according to research commissioned by public transport provider the Go Ahead group. Official figures show that traffic congestion is getting worse with delays on A roads up by more than 10% since 2014.


Last year the Centre for Economic and Business Research estimated that congestion would cost the British economy more than 300 billion pounds by 2013. Martin Dean, of the Go Ahead group, said: ‘This study shows the true impact traffic jams have on people’s lives. Public transport can be a part of the solution to that problem – a fully loaded double decker bus can take as many as 75 private cars off the road, easing congestion and improving air quality. Yet unfortunately we’re seeing many local authorities cutting back on funding for local buses as they face a budget squeeze.’

Traffic jams on Britain’s roads are a serious problem. We need to tackle this issue as soon as possible before it gets worse. If not, it will have the effect of paralyzing the nation and cause all sorts of mayhem everywhere and at what cost to the Nation?

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