I never thought a mango could relieve a tummy upset but nowadays one keeps discovering that science seems to find out something new every day of the week. They now claim that mangoes are better at relieving digestive problems than many high-fibre foods, a study has found.

The fruit, which contains fibre and nutrients, called polyphenols, is said to treat constipation and gut inflammation more effectively than an equivalent amount of fibre powder. One in five adults is thought to suffer from a long term digestive condition.

For the 4-week study 36 men and women with chronic constipation were divided into two groups; one given a daily dose of 300gms of mango, or roughly one fruit, the other an equivalent amount of fibre supplement. Aside from this, their diet was kept constant for calories, carbohydrates, fibre, protein and fat.

At the end of the month both groups showed reduced constipation but mangoes were found to be more effective at easing symptoms than fibre alone. The fruit also helped improve the make-up of bacteria in the gut and reduce inflammation. Co-author Professor Susanne Martins-Talcott of Texas A&M University said: ‘Fibres supplements and laxatives could effectively treat constipation but do not address other symptoms such as inflammation.’

She added: ‘Our finding suggests mango offers an advantage over fibre supplements.’ The study appears in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research.

It’s always good to keep abreast of what the researchers discover as I believe natural medicine is always the better alternative.

2 responses to “EAT YOUR FRUIT

  1. Cristina Antunes

    Such great news !
    Thank you, Dear Naim…
    Am rushing to the market to get Mangos


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