Emma Sergeant is a wonderful artist. I have had the privilege of knowing her for over three decades, and watched her grow in stature, scaling heights in the world of painting, the most recent success being a retrospective held in the prestigious Museo Della Contrada Della Tartuca in Siena, Italy. I am certain it was a triumph.


Her versatility and craft are astonishing. Her ability to work in many mediums and with varied forms keep reminding those of us from all around the world what a talented, creative artist she is as she continues to grow in skill and stature.

What I have most admired about Emma is her bravery to always seek new horizons and switch from one medium to another, one continent to a new one, one subject to a totally different one. Nothing ever fazes her.


Lioness And Courtier

Private Collection

Shown at the exhibition in Siena

Technique: oil on gesso primed panel

54.6 x 92.1 cm



And on top of all that, I consider her to be a loving friend and someone who deserves all the accolades her work inspires. I salute her in this brief missive and wish her every success with her further achievements in the future.


Witch Doctor, Umtata

Private Collection

Shown at the exhibition in Siena

Technique; gouache on paper

76 x 56 cm



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