Although Basia Briggs has survived the vicissitudes of time against odds which would in normal circumstances have left her in dire conditions physically and mentally, she nevertheless recovered from her ordeals and rose again in a relatively closed English society, to claim her place.

Her book, Mother Anguish, published by Quartet, tells her story with courage and honesty, and for that alone she deserves our respect and admiration. Why not then defy the hypocrisy of the narrow-minded Establishment and buy the book to find out for yourselves whether being forthright in her description of what she went through is worthy of attention.


As her publisher who has encouraged her time and again to write her story, which she was reluctant to do, I feel duty bound to stand firm against those who have opted to remain silent for fear of antagonising that element of society whose motives are often not what they seem.

Go for it I say, and make them feel ashamed!

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