The Delectable Anna on the March

I was elated last Friday to receive an email from my good friend Anna Mikhailova informing me that she will shortly be joining the Telegraph as their political correspondent based in the House of Commons.


Having spent nearly two decades with the Sunday Times running their popular column interviewing celebrities about their rise to fame and their subsequent earnings, she has decided to move on to capture another post. Her talent and charm will undoubtedly score yet another notable success and give her a new challenge which she duly merits.

I first met Anna about three years ago when I had the privilege of counting her as one of our illustrious authors whose diligence and professionalism struck a remarkable chord with everyone she dealt with. Furthermore I enjoyed her company and whenever we had lunch together, my working day as a publisher turned out to be much brighter and more engaging than usual. I shall continue to follow her progress in the world of journalism which I know she is well suited to.

My congratulations dear Anna, and what the Sunday Times has lost, the Telegraph has surely gained.


One response to “The Delectable Anna on the March

  1. Surely a gain for the Telegraph