A Poem for a Princess

Christina Oxenberg, author of Dynasty, has matured over the years to the extent that her talents keep improving with the passage of time. Her writing gets better; her personality reinvents itself to capture the trend of the moment; her sense of humour remains a talking point; and her knowledge of human frailties gives her a notable edge in everything she turns her attention to.











The TLS reviewing her novel Royal Blue, which Quartet published in 1997, called it ‘at its best reminiscent of early Francoise Sagan, evocative and funny,’ while the Independent on Sunday said: ‘Oxenberg creates a languid, ferociously beautiful and barbarous world.’

Having not seen her for a number of years until recently, I am astounded by her capacity to grow in stature and captivate everyone she meets. Her book Dynasty, which we published a few days ago proves my point. She bubbles with energy and enthusiasm and it’s a joy to see her in action. Her future seems assured and I am proud that our reunion will trigger new dimensions which will elevate her sublimity to a woman for all seasons.


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