I don’t know what’s going on in Britain at the moment. Odd things are happening which turn our laws and traditions upside down to please a crazy minority whose motives seem to be disruptive and nonsensical.

Highgate School changed the lyrics of the carol ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ to ‘gentlefolk’ because the traditional words did not reflect ‘modern progress in gender equality.’

The north London private school, which was hit with controversy last year over proposals for gender-neutral uniforms and toilets, sang the alternative lyrics at its carol service. A song sheet seen by the Daily Telegraph understood to have been given to the choir at the event shows the end of the word ‘gentleman’ crossed out and ‘folk’ in its place.

Chris McGowan, chairman of the pressure group Campaign for Real Education, said the change was ‘nonsense’. A spokesperson for the school said: ‘The change was made to the word of this particular carol a few years ago.

‘Its original lyrics long pre-date modern progress in gender equality and it was felt right to update them for the twenty-first century, making the lyrics more inclusive and accessible to all.’

What a crass and stupid excuse to make. I honestly believe the country is going crackers to be bullied by a crazy minority who demand change to assert an ideology that does more harm than good. Political correctness – if that was the motivating factor – is becoming unbearable to even contemplate. Britain has always been a seat of learning, democracy and free speech, but never with a lunatic fringe. Alas, the change is much too ridiculous to swallow.


  1. B.moynahan

    And where was the Corbyn enforcer Jon Lansman at school? Why, Highgate. So it’s not only Winchester that gives us ex-public school PC charicatures like Seumas Milne.