The Clangers may not look like experts in Luna living, but it seems they had the right idea all along. Researchers have found there are huge underground caves beneath the Moon’s surface and that living in tunnels below ground could indeed be a viable option for a future colony of scientists. Lunar caves may provide an ideal spot for a base by reducing humans’ exposure to damaging radiation and insulating them from temperature swings, according to experts.

The Clangers – the classic children’s television programme from the 1970s – saw the pink-knitted creatures living in tunnels with Soup Dragon on their own tiny moon. Now data taken by Japan’s Seline Lunar orbiter has confirmed the existence of a similar cavern – 31 miles long and 330 feet wide. Experts from the country’s space agency believe it a ‘lava tube’ created by volcanic activity about 3.5 billion years ago.

JAXA, Japan’s space agency, said they found the underground tunnels beneath an area called The Marius Hills. Previous research identified the underground networks as potential habitats for future space dwellers. The findings were published recently in the magazine Geophysical Research Letters.

What an exciting discovery! The Universe as a whole is full of surprises and our Moon, in particular, is no exception.



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