Theresa May’s fumbling are becoming a feature of her rickety rule as Prime Minister. Hardly a day passes by when she does not utter an unexpected turn of phrase, which, as many see it, merely serves to weaken her position: the leader of a shambolic Conservative party, divided at its very core, with the majority of its members welcoming her replacement as leader. Yet she still harbours the thought of not only remaining prime minister for her present term, but claims to lead her party to the next general election in 2022. The arrogance of it all is beyond belief.


She lost the Tory majority of her predecessor whose main gamble was to call for a referendum which failed to consolidate his position, but at least he had the grace to resign. What should we now ask? Are her credentials for the job she now holds enough to see her though? As Home Secretary, she almost disbanded the police’s capacity to give us the safety we need by brutally reducing their numbers and look what’s happened since. London has become a frightful target for ISIS, some of whose atrocities might have been avoided and the rise in moped crimes – a new phenomenon – terrorises peaceful citizens in their streets.

On top of it all, Brexit is now not going our way and the Pound is on the verge of being on par with the Euro. The omens – despite the propagandist right-wing papers claiming a delusionary thrust – do not add up to describing the real situation.

Mrs May, and the public at large, should stop hibernating, wake up to the enormity and seriousness of the Brexit complexities and stop tinkering with what second-class politicians lead them to believe. Britain must remain in the forefront of our thinking, and nothing else matters. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of our heritage.

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