Three things render me sleepless when I contemplate the state of the British economy: a divided government; a failing pound, and a Stamp Duty that’s already having a serious, adverse effect on the property market.

Starting with my first concern, a Tory administration that has truly lost its way – cabinet ministers who seem to relish controversy in Babylonian confusion, shattering policies aimlessly to gain political recognition in a totally incomprehensive language, yet each determined to rule by the grace of God.

Secondly, the pound – once the pride of the British economy – is faltering and is on course to fall below the Euro, a leading City analyst has predicted. British holiday makers will continue to get less for their money on the Continent according to the US investment bank, Morgan Stanley, which claimed the Euro will strengthen as uncertainty around Brexit undermines the pound. As a result, Sterling is likely to reach parity with the Euro before early next year, the Bank said. It has slumped almost 16 percent against the Euro since the EU referendum. It is also forecast that by the end of next March, the Euro will be trading at £1.02.

Thirdly, unless the misguided nincompoops who manage the economy reduce Stamp Duty, the present tenure of the Tory government is likely to be short- lived. A messiah of the Left (as personified by Jeremy Corbyn) will be ushered miraculously to the premiership without fail. Theresa May’s dream of glory will quickly disintegrate, and Britain will be left isolated, back to the days when Labour will revert to statist dogma that I believe has truly had its day.

God help us all!

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