I said recently that the novelist par excellence Sally Emerson is a master at her craft, hence she invariably receives good reviews for her books. Separation, the latest reissue from Quartet, originally published in 1992 to great acclaim is no exception to the rule.

Reviewed by Val Hennessy in the Daily Mail, it echoes once again the validity of her reputation as a novelist of great skill. Here’s what Val wrote: ‘Ambitious career mum, new baby, attractive nanny, restless husband – phew! Trouble? However, Emerson’s accomplished thriller is mesmerizingly unpredictable with a truly sensational shock ending.

‘Amanda, husband and demanding babe live in an enviable London flat overlooking the Thames. They employ Sarah – the perfect day nanny – but little do they know, Sarah’s own beloved child is in the custody of her obnoxious husband, she’s legally forbidden to see her and her current address is a seedy hotel.

‘The nail-biting plot is skilfully interwoven with observations about motherhood and career conflict, the passionate bond between parents and offspring and the pain endured by the child of a broken marriage.’

As usual the story is gripping and is certainly worth a read. Why not buy a copy and tell your friends about it? A flutter at £10 is a bargain these days.

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