Can it possibly be that Brexit is making people unaware of anything other but the nagging feeling that nothing else matters until a looming divorce takes place for better or for worse, and then life could possibly return to a lost normality, according to those who believe that grass is greener on the other side.

Our literary output has, as a result of this unholy obsession with Brexit, suffered as a consequence of a propaganda campaign from both sides of the equation whose motives alienate the other and make common sense a thing of the past.

The choice is restricted between those who take the High Road and abandon their humanitarian dogma for a more selfish view of the individual who seek to gain no matter what. And the rest of us, who believe in the destruction of an unequal society and are determined, come what may, to grab the privileges that have evaded them for so long as a result.

Where do we go from here is the topical question that baffles the learned amongst us, whose middle road is out of tune with a majority of people who view the world through spectacles that are tinted with brain-washing that has invaded our global societies, to cause mayhem and instability in every walk of life.

Look around you and you fear for the outcome, for the tentacles of dangerous change is now the leprosy that devours everything in its path and rumbles on unhindered, as if to say ‘I am here to get you!’

What a terrible thought for the day. But hold on. Perhaps this is a nightmare scenario that I am trying to evict and has no bearing whatsoever on the validity of the situation…

2 responses to “THOUGHT FOR THE DAY

  1. Cristina

    Dear Naim, your wise words and your wisdom are a Must to our society !

    Alas, UK is now a place where uncertainty and instability is distablising all of us … Uk has grown with foreigners, is and was made up, build by foreigners ….. It’s outrageous this Brexit and will have a price to pay, we will see those who created this mess vanishing with it … Alas alas

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