In February 2000 I interviewed Brian Sewell for my book Dialogues which was published the same year.


This first encounter signalled the birth of a friendship which culminated years later into Quartet becoming his publisher until the very end of his life in 2015.

The experience of it all, was mutually uplifting and will always be remembered as an adventure of great warmth that defied Brian’s reputation as cantankerous, opinionated, snooty and disdainful of popular culture, unwilling to compromise on artistic matters that he often viewed with personal severity but always armed with a compelling knowledge that established him as one of the great art critics of his generation.

His journalism was equally biting and thought provoking.



The current TLS review of The Orwell Essays, published by Quartet recently in a paperback edition, hails the articles in the book as ‘refreshingly honest, fearless, insightful and humane for which Sewell was awarded the Orwell prize in 2003.’

The book is riveting and destined to become a collector’s item. Be the first to start the ball rolling and encourage others to do the same for Brian is a rare breed of men that alas, are hard to find these days.

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