I really can’t understand why we have suddenly forsaken reality and, despite clear signs, still adopt the illusion that the United States and Great Britain have what we so often referred to as ‘a special relationship’.

If you had turned your television set on last weekend and watched Donald Trump’s warm behaviour towards the young President of France during the US President’s ceremonial visit to Paris, there would have been no doubt in your mind that Britain was no longer in the forefront of American thinking. And yet we seem to believe we expect their backing when the chips are down, especially now when we have deliberately antagonised the entire European continent in our handling of Brexit.

Yet still the majority of our newspapers are egging on the British public to back a divided government, without a proper majority, to be bold, unrelenting, hovering in every direction, hoping for a breakthrough against impossible odds. Bravado in this case amounts to a short sightedness, too juvenile to bear fruit, and we refuse to let any reason or dignity prevail, which might ultimately work to our advantage.

For we in Britain have always had the knack of great diplomacy, plus the knowledge and competitiveness in every field and it would be a disaster if we continue and become embroiled in tacky and irresponsible vocabulary; particularly from our Foreign Secretary who has become the Joker in a pack of cards, and no longer worthy of his now inflated status – certainly not material for any future prime minister.

I believe the press has a duty to stop all propagandist twaddle and act responsibly for the benefit of the nation as a whole. It is then that a rallying call would make such a difference and save a confused situation which has so far nowhere to go.

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