Boris Johnson has, with the passage of time, instead of gaining wisdom, become a figure of fun who is no longer taken seriously.

As foreign secretary his behaviour is often appalling and his language rather flippant and unworthy of the august position his office demands.


His offensive language does not help; he deliberately uses expressions to antagonise the European Union at a time when we need more friends than enemies. ‘What’s he up to?’, most people are asking themselves, given that Brexit is no longer a foregone conclusion because of the highly complex and rather intricate mishmash of mountains to climb before we even begin serious negotiations to resolve outstanding issues which, even to the seasoned politicians, are almost unbridgeable.

Whistling is perhaps a habit that the foreign secretary uses to entertain himself but it is certainly not one he should bandy around in order to gain attention to his power in the first place by showing disdain for the EU with utterances better kept to himself. Theresa May should stop him if she has any authority left before he causes the divided government more calamities than they have already had.

It’s against the political hierarchy to mock your presumed enemies when the odds are stacked against you. Arrogance is a disastrous policy which the foreign secretary should avoid if he is to survive the vicissitudes of time.


  1. Cristina

    Borris has been a negative impact in Uk and I look forward for an enlightened person to replace him….,