The derrière competition hots up. Model Demi Rose has been dubbed Britain’s Instagram Queen – thanks to her curvy Kim Kardashian-style bottom. She’s amassed 4.5 million followers with cheeky shots like Kim’s, who is considered by most experts as the granddame of the big derrière.


Demi surged to prominence despite the fact of being a virtual unknown in the UK. At the exciting age of 22 Demi, who hails from Birmingham, says: ‘Bikini pictures do the best but if my body is in it, it does well.’

But that’s apparently the start for the young British model who now plans to break the internet, without making a sex-tape. She added: ‘I have an amazing life travelling the world and showing off curves to rival the Kardashians. I love the best parties, yachts and fast cars – but deep down I am just a kid from Sutton Coalfield who got lucky.’


Well, it seems the magic of a curvy bottom is the craze these days. The bigger the size, as long as it is beautifully shaped, the more desirable it becomes – also an asset of money-making significance. The pictures below will certainly persuade the viewer that Demi’s future is already secured.


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