Theresa May, one could possibly refer to as the Prime Minister who seems to be ill-fated. Whatever she does seems as if the Greek gods of ancient times have cast their doom-like curse to disrupt her evangelical efforts to save the British nation from utter collapse. Yet she so easily had grabbed the Conservative crown to what her admirers had hoped would signal the emergence of a dynamic, stubborn-driven politician. But she viewed her role with over-confidence and proved to lack empathy when the chips were down and the heat rose beyond her capacity to control.

Inflated by a press who embarked on a campaign to elevate her as the new Messiah of British politics, when in fact their overblown campaign to idolise her simply had the opposite effect in the end. Humiliated to a point unseen perhaps by any prime minister before her, she remains resilient to carry on, leading the nation, to what no one in his or her right mind seems to comprehend or analyse with some degree of probability.

Her latest hopes for an early migrant deal on the rights of EU migrants suffered a significant setback last Friday after what she called her ‘fair’ offer was declared ‘insufficient’ and ‘below expectations’ by European leaders. Her election campaign to gain more stability in dealing with the EU is now a pipe-dream which is unlikely to materialise.

People like Charles Moore, Mrs Thatcher’s biographer, in his column in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, clearly admits that although the country has come through many a crisis, this present one ‘is a true shemozzle for which not even the close study of the past can prepare us.’ These are wise words indeed by a man who clearly admits the gravity of our present situation.

Confidence in our economy is bound to suffer as a result, with the Pound rapidly deteriorating, whereas both the US Dollar and the Euro are showing signs of strengthening further. The City, despite its show of solidarity, is nervously keeping its fingers crossed, but the question is for how long. The stability we were promised is nowhere to be found and unless the government conjures up a Houdini act in the months that come, I am afraid matters can get worse. Let us therefore pray for enlightenment from whatever source it emerges.

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