She came to try to make up for her mistake, but it only served to enrage this close-knit community even more. Theresa May provoked widespread criticism and anger last Thursday after failing to visit the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire when she visited the Westway Road – staying for 15 minutes and swerving any contact with locals.


Friday afternoon, however, word spread she was due to come back, this time to visit St Clement’s Church, where volunteers had been boxing up donations. It wasn’t long afterwards when a crowd had gathered, filling the street outside the church. As they waited, the people became increasingly hostile, shouting at her to come out and face them. One man began shouting ‘Get her out!’ while another screamed at police barring the door of the church: ‘Why have you brought her here? If she cared she would have come yesterday.’

Forty minutes passed and still nothing, then one of the waiting riot vans started up and began to move forward parting the crowd. The Prime Minister’s Range Rover rounded the bend. ‘She’s come out the back,’ a woman shouted. As the car began to speed away the crowd rushed towards it. Around 70 people were running after her as police attempted to barricade the vehicle, creating a human barrier between the crowd and the Prime Minister’s car, shoving people off as they tried to bang on the windows.

People screamed ‘Shame on you!’ and ‘Coward!’ as the car sped away. What a calamitous visit! It seems Theresa May can do nothing right. Her image has deteriorated to such an extent that it is making her position untenable. The sooner she goes the better is the view of the majority of people in Britain, who have now come to their senses and regard her tenure as prime minster as a subject of derision not only within our shores, but worldwide.

How can she expect to carry on when the nation is in a shambolic state and where the division is not only within the ranks of the Tory party but has spread to the nation as a whole? We can no longer afford to be ridiculed by the international community who now regard the present Tory administration as a motley of second-rate individuals, whose main objective appears to be self-elevation rather than the nation’s interest as a whole.

Britain is in crisis! The Tories must close ranks and save the country from falling apart. Time is not on their side. We must all rally and face reality. Theresa May has gambled and lost. It is time she accepts the impuissance of her situation and bids us a swift farewell.

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