The Indomitable Lesley Blanch

Lesley Blanch was a remarkable lady who elevated the women of her generation by encouraging them to follow her example and adopt and harness a spirit of adventure, rather than confine themselves exclusively to the management of the home.


A Londoner by birth, she spent the greater part of her life travelling the remote regions, her twelve works of biography, memoir and cookery record so vividly.

Savvy, self-possessed and very successful, she established herself as a bold and free-spirited writer who dared to be different and became renowned for her astute observation of places and people with their quirks, habits and passions.

Her storytelling is underpinned by a vivid imagination and scholarly research as her book edited by her goddaughter Georgia de Chamberet clearly unveils.

Waterstones in Gower Street is holding an event on Wednesday 5th July at 18.30 where Georgia will celebrate the publication of Far to Go and Many to Love: People and Places, hopefully to an enthusiastic audience, who will no doubt take the opportunity to remember the tremendous legacy that Lesley Blanch has left as an inspiring writer and an advocate who urged woman to seek a new way of life, and in so doing enjoyed the surge that such diversity of knowledge would impart.

Her book is certainly a gem  worth buying and her memory worth preserving.

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