As polling day is coming nearer, the flagging support for the Conservatives has for the past few days reached a critical level which, if it continues, will make a future Conservative government unable to operate effectively and render Brexit a calamity waiting to happen.

The manifesto which Theresa May offered the nation is to my mind the worst ever concocted by a Tory party. It chooses to target both the middle- and the working-classes and have the rich, as the Sunday Times’ recent list shows, much wealthier than they have ever been. And as for the elderly, contrary to what she claims, they will end up in a state of fearful penury.

When David Cameron resigned I was one of the enthusiasts who backed Theresa for I truly believed that she was the best candidate available to lead the nation, given the mess that the referendum left in its wake. But as she triumphantly took the reins and the head of the new Tory government, she radically changed. Her rhetoric veered to a hard Brexit and her early success turned into a power-driven momentum that caused its appeal to the common voter to sag, and is now causing the Pound to crash and the City to fear the worst.

For believe it or not, if Donald Trump can win the presidency of the most powerful nation in the world, Jeremy Corbyn, who lives in a bygone era, might do the same here – unless she can change her tune and amend some of her punitive haphazard policies which quite frankly have not been properly studied or formulated.

And her egging on by some of the right-wing press is not helping her cause. She must hitherto discard the propagandist element of such empty flattery that will come to haunt her in the long term. There is an old Middle Eastern adage which goes as follows: People are with the standing wall; once the wall collapses all is lost. Newspapers are notorious for their backing and can turn unashamedly in no time at all.

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