If I don’t write in my blog, or think about the gentler sex from time to time I feel bereft, as if something is missing in my life.

Some feminists, and others, will naturally accuse me of being addicted to what they might call an unhealthy disposition towards women, but they are wrong. I consider women as God’s more creative side in his moulding of the human body, especially in an aesthetic sense, so this week, my choice falls on a new discovery, at least as far as I’m concerned.


The lady in question is Kimberley Garner, an English swimwear designer, television personality, actress and socialite best known for her role in the reality TV series Made in Chelsea.

Educated at St George’s School, Ascot, where in the sixth form she took courses in Art, Politics, Photography and Religion, Garner is the daughter of a property developer, Russell Garner and his wife, Geraldine, of Kensington.

After leaving school in London and the Lee Strasburg Theatre and Film Institute in West Hollywood, Kimberly became a property developer on her own account and was reported in 2012 to be a regular worshipper at Holy Trinity, Brompton.


She first came to public attention as a regular cast member of the BAFTA award-winning show Made In Chelsea which she joined in March 2012 and left in November, the same year.

In May 2013 Garner launched a swimwear collection. She has gone on to release a further two collections to date. Garner is a director of Kimberley London Ltd, the company which sells her collections.
With her father, she’s also a director of Young London Events Ltd.

In 2017, she took the female lead in the Hollywood action movie, Sweetheart.


From all accounts, one can see that Kimberley is a clever woman with great ambitions in a variety of spheres. Apart from a stunning body, at the age 27 she has still far to go. Her future is rosy and we are bound to see a lot of her in years to come. Currently she is at the Cannes Festival, looking a sheer delight

Let us therefore applaud her achievements to date and look forward to greater accomplishments in the future. She is certainly blessed by the Almighty who must look favourably on his creation.

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