The Donald

Watching the news these days is rather depressing. In fact it makes you feel ill. To ignore what’s going in the world is equally disturbing. It gives you insomnia as your imagination runs riot and causes you to fret as a result. Instead of tranquillity, which you seek in the first instance, you face a permanent mind that incessantly eggs you on in one direction or another, making the ripples turn into giant waves. Then you give up and return to your old habit of watching the news.

What do you see then: the now familiar face of Donald Trump up to his tricks again, trying to strengthen and consolidate his position as president of the United States, by sacking yet again one of his closest men, the latest victim being the head of the FBI, who he claims was trying to take the limelight away from him.


For in the US, Donald must reign supreme, whereas the Pope in Rome is given his supremacy from God, Donald can brag that his supremacy comes from the American people, who worship him, for being decisive, pompous and a jack of all trades, and unlike the common saying suggests, good at everything he turns his hand to. He has so far proved to the world that The Donald is invincible; for he alone can make America Great Again; for he alone possesses the knack of making the impossible look like child’s play.

Perhaps one day he will be canonised by the Pope and admired by the world at large, or, who knows, he might attain heights we have seldom heard of. The thought of all this seems to have reinvigorated me for a while and turned my latest addiction to following the news again only to see Trump manipulate the well-meaning Americans to name him the greatest President they have so far had. The impeachment of Nixon does not seem to deter him for he believes that if you strike first, with vigour, and carry on doing it, you remain in pole position.

Arrogance for some people is a gift in itself and The Donald has known it throughout his life and used it to survive the vicissitudes of time. He sees no reason to mend his ways. In the end, it is hallelujah or damnation – only time will tell!


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