Brunette beauty Elizabeth Elam has been tapped to cover Playboy’s new March 2017 issue.


Elam was born in Dallas and raised in the small town of Norman, Oklahoma. But since she was 18, the 25-year-old adventurer has been on the go, moving from Norman to Miami, to Europe and now LA.

‘I was originally just going to be here for three months and then never left,’ she says when speaking of her time in Los Angeles. Next up though, Elam wants to explore Asia. ‘It would be amazing to see how life is there.’

Elizabeth is a rare breed, an unlikely amalgam of warmth, grit and obvious beauty. I have no doubt she will conquer Asia. Being a full-time model and progressive thinker, she isn’t jaded. She’s no wide-eyed ingénue either. She’s also unabashedly low maintenance, destined to go places.


As her pictures show, she has a body to die for; a look to hypnotise members of the opposite sex and a low key sexuality that nevertheless sizzles with a cool elegance. To me, she is my choice of woman of  the week.

May the good Lord, in his limitless ingenuity, entrance us with such beautiful creatures and keep us modestly grateful in our terrestrial Garden of Eden.






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  1. This really puts me off following your blog.