A Novel Worth a Flutter

A review in the Glasshouse Book Club of Mother of Darkness by Miss Pollyanna was, I found, spot on. She began her excellent judgement of the book by saying ‘this super talented new writer on the blog did not fail to deliver. In fact, she delivered so much, with a prose so magnificent, I fear this article will look very pale in comparison… Which isn’t to say that I found this delightful read. Oh, far from it.

‘The author plunges us head first into a desperately bleak (as the title would suggest) and psychotic, drug-fuelled world of extreme sadness, fear, insecurity and loss. Practically all the subjects I seek to avoid in a novel as a Positivity Guru. Yet the humour was so perfectly timed and punchy that somehow she got away with it, compelling me to turn the pages and read on. And that’s what’s so refreshing about this story – and indeed Quartet for being maverick enough to take it on; a serious subject can indeed blend with satire… despite the nay-saying of many a corporate publisher.’

As her publisher, after reading the manuscript for the first time, I realised it was a subject many people would find hard to digest unless they happened to be literate enough to appreciate the boldness of its vision, its descriptive and painful thrust, executed with a rather brilliant prose which is rarely found in a novel of its genre.

I was totally mesmerised and decided to take the plunge and publish it without further ado. I truly believe that I discovered an author with the guts to tackle the subject head on and be damned in certain quarters for having the courage to defy the Establishment and perhaps risk its displeasure. That’s what I believed Quartet has done since its inception as an independent publisher unperturbed by the actions of those who are invariably  determined to toe the line and avoid controversy.

Hence, I urge the public to read this remarkable novel and make their own judgement as to its contribution to the literary world of ours which needs a variation on an accepted theme, not necessarily  solely for commercial reasons.




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