It is surprising to find that almost three-quarters of French people are against leaving the Euro, a poll has revealed, in a blow to the Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, who wants to restore the Franc as the nation’s currency.


However, the poll also found 37% of French people feel the European Union has ‘more disadvantages than advantages,’ compared with 31% who feel the reverse. Some 72% of the French, surveyed by the Elare Polling Institute recently for Les Echos newspaper, were opposed to ditching the Euro, with 44% saying they were ‘very opposed’.

Miss Le Pen who, according to the polls, is set to reach the final round of the upcoming presidential election, has pledged to hold a referendum on EU membership and take France out of the Euro, bringing back the Franc. Polls show she would be defeated by Emmanuel Macron, who appears to be gaining popularity with the electorate in the presidential run-off on 7 May. If he’s elected, he will probably be the best choice available.


But given the unpredictability of election results the world over, nothing at present is beyond the realm of possibility. Donald Trump is a case in point.

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