The Truth is Often as Painful as a Lie

Vanessa Nicolson is an author to watch. Granddaughter of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicholson, she has the right background and a great affinity with the written word. Her last book Have You Been Good? was published in 2015. She grew up in London and Florence and has worked as an art historian and journalist. The Evening Standard called her ‘a startlingly skilful writer’.

Her new book The Truth Game published by Quartet is out now.

As a teenager Vanessa plays a game with her father: they take turns to ask a question and the other must answer truthfully. One day Vanessa asks: ‘Apart from with Mummy, have you ever been so in love that you would have liked to marry someone else?’ Her father is visibly shaken and as the truth emerges it becomes clear why…

Told as a series of fourteen lucid vignettes, in an original and innovative way, The Truth Game is both a haunting exploration of love, loss and grief, and a portrait of the discontent at the heart of one of Britain’s most eminent families. Nicolson distils the concept of truth down to the extraordinary experience of real-life individuals, with shocking and moving consequences.

The critics will no doubt give the book resounding praise so buy your copy now and prove to the world at large that your vision and special perception is equal to the best of them. Waste no time in acquiring a copy before the rush begins. At £15 it is a bargain which you can ill afford to miss.

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