Venetia Welby’s debut novel Mother of Darkness is without doubt a remarkable piece of work notably for its literary excellence and its vision of what it is like to lose one’s way and indulge in a life where debauchery becomes the norm.












Its description of Soho is meticulously described and its characteristics amply dissected to give it a unique life of its own, where limits are ignored yet arguably transparent and tangible in some form or another.

Those who have already read the novel are astounded to find that a new talent is bubbling with fresh ideas where the courage to shock is intrinsically woven as to appear palpable yet underscored.

A review in the Oxford Times gives the novel the credit it deserves. It says:

The story is punctuated by a series of psychotherapy sessions, life writings, hallucinations and visions as Matty [the novel’s main protagonist] comes to believe he is destined for far greater things than the earthly delights of Soho. It’s a striking debut novel dealing with loss, addiction, religious zeal and mental illness. There is dark humour but overall sadness for a lost young man,

I hope the national press will begin to take heed of this unusually striking first novel by a writer, whose talent will surely be recognised as a major one in the not too distant future.

My advice: Buy the book now and be one of the first to discover a new star in the firmament of literary notables.

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