Tanya Mityushina is reputed to blow your pants off.


She’s considered one of the hottest women on the planet. This Russian supermodel is hard to ignore. She has an amazing body, oozes with an infectious sexual magic and has discovered a saucy way to wear a pair of cut-off jeans.


Since words alone are inadequate to describe her appeal, the following pictures are perhaps the best way to show her in a light that will visually establish her as a Russian siren who will naturally electrify any man whether young or old who is lucky enough to come within her vicinity.


Russian models of her ilk can be devastatingly a force of nature with their heavenly beauty and irresistibly seductive savoir faire which is instinctively part of their genes.


If I happen to be misguided or under a false spell then so be it, for my ignorance gives me the contentment that most of us hanker for without realising it.




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