The Odd Couple

I always loved Lulu. She is bright, has a good voice, looks happy and invariably brought merriment wherever she happened to be. But I never knew she had a crush on David Bowie.


They seem an odd couple but as she wrote in her 2002 autobiography I Don’t Want to Fight: ‘When he focussed on me I felt like the only person in the room, in the universe. Bowie was so cool and I wasn’t but he singled me out. I found him intoxicating. It was the sexual chemistry which drew us together.’

Despite her secret affair with a man that her mother saw as an anti-Christ figure, she told a Saturday newspaper magazine this weekend that she spent her early life craving convention and normality: ‘I was programmed to think that the answer to life was a white picket fence and three children, you know, to be happy ever after and it’s unrealistic. When I was younger I was probably ruled by my emotions but now that’s not the case because I put so much work into looking at myself objectively.’

Today she still feels very flattered that Bowie singled her out. ‘A thousand billion times,’ she says. ‘I was not cool and he was, so I was unbelievably flattered.’

‘I think it influenced my life. But then I married celebrity hairdresser John Frieda.’

Lulu’s marriage to Frieda lasted 14 years until they divorced in 1992. She refuses to comment on whether she’s single at the moment but does own up to a celebrity crush on Barack Obama.

From Bowie to Barack Obama – that seems a clumsy diversion of sorts. But crushes by their very nature are not always comprehensible.

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