The Lord be praised! What an attractively all-embracing, nineteen-year-old actress, with looks that can easily entrance the most sexually rigid among us, and a body so skilfully moulded to make our eyes water with a hungry desire that demurs description.


Her flesh, with a tinge that spells softness to the touch, arouses a sensibility to its climax making the body tremble with orgasmic fervour and a rare elated dimension to complement her overall structure.

Rosie Mac is an actress, model and singer from England. She is the stunt double of Amelia Clarke in Game of Thrones during the show’s fifth season. She also won the lead role to the upcoming live action The Little Mermaid Robot. The film Little Mermaid is available to watch on Amazon Prime. She is also the co-founder and owner of the Mac Model & Casting Agency.


Rosie has taken her clothes off for her latest photoshoot from which she reveals a stunning debut in a direction, which if my guess is right, will catapult this emerging siren into a sex symbol to rate amongst the best.



I find her freshness, as the reader will no doubt deduce, overwhelmingly captivating and marks her future as rosy as her name.







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