Soho Society

In 2008, Quartet launched Soho Society by Bernie Katz otherwise known as the Prince of Soho.

As is customary with the imprint, Quartet was ahead of its time and although the book did extremely well, it should have nevertheless fared much better.

For those who failed to acquire a copy of the book then, it is time they did.

Soho is now the hottest, most sought after spot in our great metropolis that deserves to be more familiar to those visitors to London who seek the adventure that Soho can provide.

The author conducts you through a collection of true stories that involve call girls, rent boys, suckers and thieves. A-list personalities and media hustlers weave their way through these tales of lust, envy, pride, perversion and despair. As if that’s not enough, the book features beautifully reproduced art work specially commissioned for Bernie’s debut. The collection includes Sir Peter Blake, Elk, Tracy Emin, Nina Fowler, Damien Hirst, Carl Hopgood, Rachel Howard, Tony Husband, Minho Kwon, Jim Lambie, Sarah Lucas, John Maybury, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Marc Quinn, Sam Taylor-Wood,  Triana De Lamo, Terry and Jonathan Yeo.

Here are some of the quotes about the book:

‘There is no gravity, the world sucks! Who better suited to write about the ins and outs of Soho life than Bernie?’

Damien Hirst

‘I have collected Soho literature for thirty years. For the last ten or fifteen I had despaired of ever hearing a new voice who got it, who really understood what Soho is. And now Bernie Katz has produced this collection and I am happy.’

Stephen Fry

‘There is only one man who has the knowledge, experience and respect of Soho. Bernie Katz may be the last of the breed of true London hosts.’

J.J Field

In her interview with Bernie, Roya Nikkhah of the Telegraph says ‘If his book is anything to go by, I tell him, there is still an eclectic mix of hedonistic bohemians in W1 who will keep Soho swinging for years to come. Trust me’ He says ‘it’s quite tame compared to what really goes on.’

Soho Society is a book, the likes of which one rarely sees. For £20 a copy, you will acquire a work of art that will defy the vicissitudes of time and in so doing it will become a jewel that will glow forever more.




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