The Devil Incarnate or a Political Messiah?

Donald Trump is the man of the hour. Open any newspaper or switch on the news on television or radio and you will find him, larger than life, looking as if he’s ready to intimidate you or perhaps devour you if you happen to give him any sign of dissent or lack of animated respect or admiration.


He has become a phenomenon who has attained the impossible by finding himself the most powerful man on the planet. No one would have predicted his sensational rise to the highest, most prestigious job in the world in a nation which ridiculed him when he announced his intention to run for the presidency. People were astounded by, as well as dismissive of, his chances of being seriously considered by the electorate for such a venerable post.

Well, the whole world was wrong and I was one of them. The reason for my original dismay is that I happen to know the man himself. He is certainly a businessman of unusual merits; his practices are untraditional to put it mildly.

I met him prior to his undertakings to build the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York. I was then the CEO of the Asprey Group of companies in London and had an apartment in New York where I spent ten days of every month attending to my publishing activities as well as those of Asprey’s.

The purpose of our meeting was whether Asprey would take premises in his planned building and open a branch as part of our international expansion of trading activities at the time.

Having acceded to his proposal I spent many an hour with him while the building was being constructed. I got to know the man rather well, with his bombastic behaviour and his unpredictability which often revealed multiple facets of his personality giving rise to a worrying dishevelment as to his real intentions.

However, although I still have my doubts about his ability to steer the nation as he says he will into an equal society, and to stamp out corruption as he sees it in the political system, his right-wing views and racism have so far made it unlikely that his rhetoric will prove anything more than a crowd-pleasing drivel.

Having said that, the man must be given a chance to prove his worth and demonstrate to the world at large that despite the platitudes that seem to come out of his mouth on many an occasion, will he ever become the messiah he claims to be?

Only time will tell and I will be the first to eat my words if his advent to the political scene proves to be a miraculous and wondrous four-year period – and perhaps beyond!

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