Love transcends every other consideration. Gerald Jacobs’ new book, Nine Love Letters, proves that despite the vagaries of time and the inhumanity of some, true love never dies. As his publisher, I am bound to praise the book but I prefer to let others do my work. It’s more effective and amply satisfying.


In today’s Lady the reviewer has given the book four stars out of five, not bad at all!

Here is the essence of what he says:

‘This debut novel is a genre-twisting tour du force, a grand dynastic epic in the style of Garcia Marquez, yet at the same time an exquisitely nuanced study of love and loss and a primer on Jewish tradition and the devastating twentieth century history of two diaspora communities, Baghdad and Budapest…

‘Six generations and more than a century are encompassed in a mere 260 pages, so not a word is wasted; a sentence can scan moments or years, and every exchange carries philosophical weight, whether on the importance of family, the existence of God, the nature of love or the improbable chains of events that bring people together.

‘Although shot through with sadness, its central message is one of redemption; the furnace of persecution and tragedy can forge the strongest emotional bonds.’

As I said at the outset, I prefer independent criticism especially when it’s done with fairness and sensitivity devoid of any ulterior motives. This book is truly a gem to read and conserve for the next generation.

If you haven’t bought a copy of the book yet, do so by all means and tell your friends about it for, believe me, ‘word of mouth’ is the best possible medium for promoting books.

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